Yellowstone’s Volcanic Activities



With its boiling water and charming geysers, Yellowstone National Park is one of the most amazing places in North America. But there is something more interesting in this area, hidden beneath the ground, a Natural Disaster: a giant magma chamber covered with a solid shell. If the shell melts or breaks – as in the past – the magma will put a great pressure on the surface and a huge explosion will take place. Over the past 2 million years, the Yellowstone magma chamber has exploded three times. The last explosion was 600,000 years ago, and it could happen anytime soon.


This famous geyser of Yellowstone sprays on average 50 meters. The center of the sputtering water column is very hot for living things, but there are heat-resistant bacteria called thermophile. These extra-strong microscopic organisms can withstand up to 600C. These creatures give the water column different colors slowly changing throughout the year.


Yellowstone is famous for its natural life and its Natural Disaster. Tourists come to see the bison and geysers of steam and boiling water thrown into the sky. The famous Steamboat Geyser has two openings like a ship with two chimneys. This is the longest geyser in the world, when it erupts the water rises 100 meters high. There are about 200 active geysers in Yellowstone.


Scientists can map the ground level of Yellowstone using satellites to see changes that can lead to volcanic activity. Each map consists of photos taken for months. The colored rings show the parts where the ground level changes. Each complete color set indicates a 30 mm drop or rise.


600,000 years ago Yellowstone was a volcanic area where no living thing ever lived. Today it is one of the most populous in North America and is visited by more than 2 million people each year.


In the last eruption of Yellowstone, the western half of today’s US region was covered with volcanic ashes. If the same thing happens today; hundreds of cities are affected and tens of millions of people must leave the region.

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