What To Do During an Earthquake?


If you have a house near the fault lines, the earthquake is a routine concept for you.
If we are inside the building during an earthquake:

  • We don’t want to stay away from unfixed cabinets and raps, we don’t want them to fall on our heads. You should not go to the balcony because the shake can drop you from the balcony.
  • Lifts should not be used because ropes may break, pinch, and most importantly, electricity may be cut off during an earthquake.
  • If there is a gas leakage, it should not use matches and lighters and should not be turned on and off.
  • In the event of an earthquake, the most beautiful place is the closest furniture to you, crouch next to an item you think is intact, set up a life triangle, take the head between two hands and wait until the jolt passes.
  • The head is important, it can be fatal if we get hit and we may not be able to think healthy after the earthquake. If we are in a wheelchair, we must protect the head and neck with our hands. If we’re in school, the bottom of the desks is perfect for protection.
  • After shaking, switch off gas, electricity, water valve and all things that are essential to close.
  • If the jolt is over, go to the pre-agreed collection area.
    If we are outdoors during an earthquake:
  • Avoid high-voltage lines.
  • Be careful not to be under or above structures that are in danger of collapse, such as bridges.
  • Stay away from the slopes, as rocks can fall off the slopes.
  • If you’re close to the seaside, we must run to the inner parts of the land.
  • Care should be taken against glass shards and stones that may fall from buildings.
    If we are in the vehicle during an earthquake:
  • If you are driving on the highway, you should stop to the right and wait for the wind to end.
  • If we are in a closed auto part or tunnel, the vehicle must be stopped and descended, and next to it, the feet should be pulled to the abdomen, and the head and neck should be protected with hands.
    If we are in the subway during an earthquake:
  • Do not descend until the jolt is over and the attendant instructs you to have high tension on the rails or hit another train.
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