What is Sandstorm?



In the DRIED REGIONS OF THE WORLD, strong winds can sweep huge amounts of dust and sand on the ground and carry them to the sky. The result is sand or dust storms, a dense yellow or orange cloud that cuts off the sun’s rays. This cloud sometimes creates a dangerous wall of over 1 kilometer and often appears to roll on the ground. When these storms take action, they can cross continents and oceans. When the storm loses its power, the houses, streets, and cars are covered with dust and returned to the ground.


The city of Niamey in West Africa is near the Sahara Desert, where the world’s largest sandstorms begin. This photo shows a sand cloud approaching the outskirts of the city. The road that is crowded on normal days is empty and everyone is closed to their homes.


In this photograph taken from space, a 1,000-kilometer-long sand cloud is seen moving over the Atlantic Ocean.
The sands of the Sahara Desert sometimes go all the way to the Canary Islands and work towards the north of Europe until the rain clears the air.

Dangerous Powder

These people are trying to protect their faces in a dust storm in Chengdu, China. The difference between the effect of sand and dust and the way it is damaged. The sand has particles with sharp edges. These grains may scratch the eyes or settle deep into the ears. Dust particles are usually very small, so they can be easily inhaled and passed to the lungs. In this case, the body reacts with severe coughs. If dust particles remain in the lungs, it can cause serious illness.

In 2001, a dust cloud from Mongolia reached the United States


The nostrils of the camels are such that they do not allow sand and dust. These long and narrow nostrils close completely between the two breaths. Camels also have long eyelashes to protect their eyes from sandstorms. These eyelashes also protect the eyes from the bright rays of the desert.

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