What is a Tsunami?


What is a Tsunami?

Tsunamis are Natural disasters. They are the largest and most dangerous waves on Earth. Unlike normal waves, tsunamis create earthquakes that occur in the seabed. Earthquakes give these waves incredible power. Before a tsunami hits the shore, it travels at I .000 km per hour at sea and the actual height of the wave can only be seen when it hits the shore. When the wave hits the shore, a water wall sweeps everything along the path and moves into the land.


Surfers like regions with huge waves like Hawaii, but even the biggest wave on the surfers is tiny compared to a tsunami. Because ocean waves are created by winds blowing constantly and these winds are not always very harsh. Tsunamis are different, they travel by tremendous ground vibrations and at half the speed of sound.


The world’s highest recorded tsunami hit the Lituya Bay in Alaska in 1958. It was 524 meters high, one and a half times the Eiffel Tower. Unlike many tsunamis, it was triggered by an earthquake on land that caused millions of tons of rocks to fall into the sea. The tsunami destroyed forests, harbors, and boats. Surprisingly, only four people lost their lives in this disaster.


It is very common in the Indian and Pacific Oceans because these waters are located in the Earth’s largest earthquake zone. When Tsınınanıi hits, the areas near the earthquake are in great danger – especially the beaches with many gulfs. As the water approaches the shores, the bays become like chimneys that accumulate water. Tsunamilcrin hit Japan most, and even the word tsunami is in Japanese, meaning ‘harbor wave’. The reason for the port wave is called giant waves rise only when they approach the shore.

Protect Yourself

If you see a sign like these, you are in a tsunami-threatened area. When the sensors in the ocean beds detect earthquakes, an alarm sounds in Tsunami-threatened areas. If you are in one of these zones, quickly move to a high altitude as soon as the alarm sounds. If you are on the shore, if the sea is visibly withdrawn quickly, go to a high place again without wasting time.

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