The Rise Of Climate Change Protests In The World


Climate Change Finally Attracts People
Thousands of sensitive environmentalists protested in the US capital Washington to draw attention to global warming. Thousands of activists unveiled their banners in front of the American Congress Building as part of the global protest under the title “Global climate strike.” In addition to Washington’s New York, England – London, Pakistan, Australia, Tunisia, Turkey – Istanbul, France – Paris Germany – Berlin, Thailand, and New Zealand cities in the million were collected in order to draw attention to global warming.

“Global Climate Actions”
The beginning of these protests was initiated by the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who went on a Friday to draw attention to ‘climate change’ and turned into a global action with the support of other students. According to the BBC, 185 countries and 2350 cities participated in the protests. The Okul School for Climate Strike ─▒lan launched with the label “FridaysForFuture” will last until the 27th of this month. You can access the site that organizes the start of the actions here:
We will wait and see if governments will respond to these actions.

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  1. I heard about the protest at the Yale-Harvard game. I know these people are just trying to do a good thing for climate change. I mean these people just wanted to see a football game and enjoy their day. What’s next? You know what I mean?

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