The End of Dinosaurs



ABOUT 65 MILLION YEARS BEFORE, life on Earth was extremely surprising. The dinosaurs suddenly disappeared. Other animals such as the pterosaur, the reptiles flying with them, and the plesiosaur, a reptile species living in the oceans, also perished. The life of the plants was also devastated, with mega-fires sweeping the entire surface of the Earth. It is thought that this disaster could have many causes, but scientists believe it was all caused by a giant asteroid.


The herd of herbivorous Titanosaurus, seeing the fire on the horizon, is trying to escape. These giant animals must have died shortly after the asteroid hit because their food disappeared within a few weeks of the disaster.


Four great extinctions have occurred during the history of life on Earth. The largest of these took place 250 million years ago, with three-quarters of the animals on Earth disappeared.


Pterosaurus were the largest flying animals the world had ever seen. They were the rulers of the heavens for millions of years, but they disappeared immediately after the impact of the meteor. However, not all flying animals of that period were extinct. Insects and birds survived. The first birds formed by the evolution of some dinosaurs and their descendants are still with us.


The Age of Dinosaurs ended 150 million years ago, and many large species were extinct during this period. The most famous of these, Tyrannosaurus rex, survived until the last days. Experts aren’t sure whether they use their giant teeth to catch their prey or to cut off the flesh of dead animals. But because they lived by eating herbivorous animals, the T-rexes were extinct when they disappeared.


Some scientists believe that dinosaurs disappeared as a result of a series of disasters, not a disaster. Volcanic eruptions covered the atmosphere with smoke, cut off sunlight, and plants that did not have light could become very difficult to grow. Due to the small number of plants, nutrients are reduced. At the same time, sea level has fallen, empty beaches and coral reefs have dried up. These changes may explain why plesiosaurus and other marine animals have disappeared.

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