Survival in an earthquake


Survival in an earthquake

In a Natural disaster which is an Earthquake, the safest places are open areas. If you are in a moving car, you may not even notice that the ground is shaken. However, if you are in a tall building, you may feel even a small earthquake, because the lamps swing, the furniture moves and small objects are thrown. A major earthquake can do much more serious damage, and getting rid of it before it depends on how well you know it and how you behave during an earthquake.

Seeking survivors

After an earthquake, rescue teams must quickly find and rescue people trapped in the rubble. This is a race against time because earthquake victims can only survive two or three days in the wreckage. Specially trained dogs find survivors in their odors, while infrared sensors monitor body temperatures in the debris.

Earthquake resistance

Some of the tallest buildings in the world were built in earthquake zones. 101 Taipei Tower in Taiwan has 88 floors and weighs 660 tons. It carries 16 cables. If an earthquake occurs, the building will swing like a swing on these cables. This movement will absorb the energy of the earthquake and the tower will not collapse.


Every week, millions of people around the world practice earthquakes. In cities, buildings are evacuated by sirens and people flee to places where they are protected from destruction and fires. The first thing to do during an earthquake is to squat away from the collapsible items and cover the head. Here, this Chinese student crouched under his desk and protected his head.

Protect yourself during an earthquake

It is useful to follow these simple rules when you encounter an earthquake.

1 Keep calm.
2 If you’re inside, stay inside – don’t waste time going out.
3 Go to a corner away from any window and crouch under or near a piece of solid furniture – for example, a table.
4 Stay crouched and close your hands and ears.
5 If you are outdoors, keep away from buildings and electrical lines that may fall on your head.
6 Stairs and elevators can be very dangerous and easily damaged during an earthquake. Also note that after a major earthquake, aftershocks can come and destroy weakened buildings.


The Chinese are accustomed to earthquakes. However, they had a hard time in the big earthquake that hit the country on May 2008. The center of the earthquake was in Sichuan Province, but buildings in the Shanghai port, 1000 km east, were also shaken. 70,000 people lost their lives in the earthquake-affected areas and nearly 5 million became homeless

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Many people like the excitement of fear. That's why Natural disaster movies are so popular. But in real life, Natural disasters are very different from those in movies. and it is unlikely that heroes will be boldly celebrated in the most difficult situations. Even with today's advanced technologies, it is not easy to predict disasters. Therefore, natural disasters often cause loss of life and the effects of destruction last for years.

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