Solar Flares and Effects


What is Solar Explosion?

In simple terms, it is a very powerful event that occurs when the plasma coming from the nucleus explodes on the sun’s surface. Such powerful explosions occur and are said to be equal to billions of atomic bombs. Each explosion produces 15 to 20 thousand kilometers of plasma flames.

How is Earth affected by explosions?

There was a violent explosion in the 19th century and burned all the electronic equipment because it caused the overload. Nowadays, such an explosion may be a medium-sized reason for humanity, the entire banking system, communication system, and global positioning system will be disabled, with the best scenario all planes in the air will fall, as the communication satellites will be disabled, there will be a kind of “blackout” on the planet. Electric power plants will be overloaded with explosive particles from the sun and explode with vegetables. There will be a power failure that cannot be repaired for many years. In short, life would be paralyzed.

So When?

Scientists, who are not expected to have a violent solar flare recently do not guarantee that such a disaster will not occur in the next decade.

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