Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance theories


Missing Malaysian Aircraft Since 2014
Boeing 777-200ER, which was operated by Malaysia Airlines for 370 flights on March 8, 2014, was lost 41 minutes after starting Kuala Lumpur – Beijing. Since then, the son of an airplane, whose screw has not been found, is considered one of the greatest human catastrophes a hundred years ago, thinking that no one survived the plane with 227 passengers.
The Malaysian government put an end to years of exploration in 2018, with many questions left behind after the closure of the file that left the relatives of those who lost their lives in the disaster. Many conspiracy theorists offer various theories about the disappearance of the plane, including:

  • Captain’s Instant Psychosis
    The Captain pilot is in contact immediately, enters a psychological problem, raises the plane to 35,000 feet and holds it there until the oxygen connection ends in its shell, killing the passengers and then crashing into the ocean.
  • Malaysian Army Accidentally Shot Their Own Plane
    Noel O’Gara says the plane was hit with a possible error approaching the Malaysian army, the reason for the lack of wreckage of the plane is attributed to the destruction of the Malaysian Army.
  • Going to a Trial
    It sounds crazy, but according to one theory, the plane was made by the Chinese government as a test subject for the transition between dimensions.
  • Alien Missed Aircraft
    Moreover, according to a crazy theory, the alien seized the plane is the most prominent way to detain the plane when the aliens want a large mass of people who might have kidnapped it.
  • Terror Attack Attacked
  • One of the inevitable attempts at conspiracy theories, the terrorists who want to hijack the plane, want the pilot’s cabin, but they wanted to open the door, they wanted to force it, the captain’s pilot plane wanted to compliment the attempt to get out of the open air, searching for the unknown … fell to a region.
  • Terrorism Purpose
    A terrorist group of airplanes got down to a secret place able to kidnap it and disabling its transmitters and hiding for another terrorist attack.
( Allegedly) KUALA LUMPUR/MALAYSIA-Mac 3 2019: A piece of debris belong to flight MH370 is displayed during the remembrance ceremony to mark the fifth anniversary of the Malaysian Airlines plane disappearance
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