Lightning and Thunder



Many people are afraid of thunder. The thunder can be scary, but lightning can kill. Accumulating electricity in the clouds creates lightning. Accumulated electrical energy jumps from one cloud to another or to the ground. Lightning lasts a few seconds and can be longer than 1 kilometer. Each year more than 2000 people die due to lightning strikes, and lightning strikes injure many more.

Brave Elephants

While the lightning flashes one after the other on the horizon, these African elephants seem to be uncomfortable. Indeed, it is unlikely that the lightning will strike them. But still every year a few unlucky elephants die as a result of a lightning strike, even a circus elephant once died due to a lightning strike. The elephant Norma Jean was struck by a lightning strike in 1972 when she performed in Illinois.


Passenger aircraft often encounter lightning strikes, and strong winds in lightning clouds lead to dangerous turbulence. However, planes that encounter storms, even if they are struck by lightning, do not suffer any damage. This is because the fuselage is covered with metal. Metals of electricity. other substances – plastic, wood, or water – are transmitted much better.

Doesn’t Always Kill

An American park ranger named Roy Sullivan holds the record for survival as a result of a lightning strike. He hit Roy seven times during his career. In one of them, her hair caught fire because of lightning.


The best way to avoid lightning is to be inside during the storm. Do not use power tools until the storm has passed. If you are in the car, do not touch anything thick and metal inside the car. If you are caught in stormy terrain, stay away from water, high places, and trees.

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Many people like the excitement of fear. That's why Natural disaster movies are so popular. But in real life, Natural disasters are very different from those in movies. and it is unlikely that heroes will be boldly celebrated in the most difficult situations. Even with today's advanced technologies, it is not easy to predict disasters. Therefore, natural disasters often cause loss of life and the effects of destruction last for years.

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