Life After Volcanic Eruption



When an eruption of a volcano erupts; living things renew life in the ruined area in a short time. In general, insects and birds are the first to come. They are followed by plants whose seeds are carried by the wind. In a few years, lava and ash are covered with grassy paths, so that the soil is renewed and other plants are rooted. Dozens of years later, the slopes of the volcano are again covered with short tree forests. Thus, he recaptures the lost areas.


When Mount St Helens exploded in 1980, moxibustion was the first plant to come back. With its bright red flowers and seeds spreading in the air, it can easily spread in the ash-covered area. This plant was very common in Britain II. During World War II, he had formed a colorful cover on the soil roasted by bombs.


This plants grew on a volcano – cooled lava in the Hawaiian Islands of Kilauea. Lava is hard and not hospitable to plants, but has an attractive advantage: It is full of minerals that plants need to grow. They settle in cracks and small pits in ferns and lava. Thus, the roots are protected from the sun and can collect water when it rains.


St. When Mount Helens exploded, millions of trees vanished within minutes. This photograph showing a growing grove was taken 15 years after the explosion. Nowadays, some of these trees will produce their own seed more than 10 meters and soon. The forest changes slowly as it grows again. First comes easy-growing trees, over time, these trees are replaced by slow-growing and much longer trees.


These ponies graze on the outskirts of Arenal, an active volcano in the Central American country of Costa Rica. Like many other volcanoes, Arenal is surrounded by fertile farmland. Arenal had been asleep for 400 years until it became operational in 1968. Fortunately, the explosion was too small to pose a significant danger.

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