Hurricanes and Capitalism


Consumption craze, global warming, and repetition

Hurricanes, which take their power from the oceans, become more severe each year with global warming and cause much greater damage compared to the previous year. Every time hurricanes hit, millions of dollars cause damage, people are consuming more to compensate for this damage, and as a result, fossil fuels are consumed and factories produce repeatedly, global warming increases as a result of fossil fuel use, and hurricanes continue to hit more severe each year, as seen global warming. a situation that comes to the business of capillary companies paves the way for continuous consumption. This is nothing but an end to ourselves.

Who caused this warming?

When we follow the money, we can find the chief responsibility for global warming. When we look at the recent Hurricane Dorian, the consumption needs were maximized, there was nothing left in the markets, the owners of capital were happy, and the money for the next hurricane was returned to the owners of the capital as more fossil fuel.

Towards Irreversible Phase

The world meteorological organization announced that the global warming greenhouse gas effect reached a record level of 415.5 ppm in 2019, while 350 ppm is already a critical level for our planet, and this year the measured value is a significant milestone for human history.

Cause and Effect

While there is such an obvious reason why people still don’t want to wake up, you might think why the masses don’t react, more people are prevented from doing so by making consumption. “AVENGERS is coming out with his new film tomorrow,” which of us cares about global warming, or who returns to remember Hurricane Katrina. Popular culture always seduces and numb the masses, thus minimizing your reactions, pulling you into the corner until the next consumption maximization. You have to do something before it’s too late, or you’ll focus on the game “EA Fifa 2020”, which will be released on September 27, or you’ll focus on the planet “Earth”, which is the future of your children, and we have one.

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