How to Survive an Atomic Bomb


It is one of the worst human disasters and one of the most difficult to survive. Nowadays, USA, China, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, France, North Korea, and England have Atomic Bombs, in this article, you will increase your chances of survival if an Atomic Bomb is thrown to your country.

The time it takes for an intercontinental nuclear missile to hit your country from the ramp is 16 minutes. Nato’s early warning system will alert your state in 4 minutes, leaving you with 12 minutes. In such a case, usually, televisions will switch to emergency broadcasting under the name of nuclear missile alarm, if the television or radio is not turned on, sirens will probably start to sound from outside.

Now what you have to do?:

 -If you have a shelter close to your home or at least if you have a squat under your house, this is a good thing for you, but if you get caught outside, you don’t need to read the rest of this article because you’re dead.
(For those caught outside) Immediately try to find a hole and enter, and if possible do not exit until it gets dark, stay away from under the bridge because it will collapse. If there are sewers near you, enter without thinking.

  • You need to go to your home basement or shelter in 12 minutes and have a few essential items to take with you.
    1-) If you haven’t stored it in the shelter before, junk food and canned food (maybe we will stay there for weeks, the more the quadrant is good).
    2-) Light source and lots of batteries.
    3-) One pocket radio. (News from outside the important nukes radiation is over? Help is on the way, but it can be learned, such as mobile phone base stations that will explode mobile phones can not be used.
  • We have to cut our connection to the outside in any way when the atomic bomb explodes, its radiation will be seen long before its sound, and if you are exposed to it for a long time, you will die, don’t look at the area where the light comes from.
  • After the light, the scariest part comes, “blast”, a force wave or shock wave. Nuclear bomb owes its destructive effect to what is called “blast”. If you are in the street, the cars will somersault crush people, the roofs of apartment buildings will fly like paper, and if you are inside the house, the windows of the house will be stuck in the bodies of the people standing at a speed of 200 mph. Ambient temperature will be 1800 Fahrenheit at a time, you don’t want to be around in these conditions.
  • Don’t try to escape because the blast effect has passed because “return blast” is on its way and is at least as effective as normal blast. This second wave swept away by everything that happens due to the displacement of air during the explosion and the focus on the explosion center.
  • Congratulations on blasting and blasting somehow, now you’re in front of radiation and never-ending fires.
  • After everything has passed, we can pull our heads out, if you are close to the center of the explosion, you should see the mushroom cloud, the radioactive radiation has started and you should immediately go back to the shelter. you don’t want it to go. If there is someone vomiting around you, make them comfortable too late for them.
  • Turn to closed water sources, if there are openings inside the cuvette where dust may enter, cover them with a wet cloth.
  • If your days have passed in the shelter and your resources are exhausted, it is time to go out, welcome to the “Post Apocalypse” world, now the state’s existence is disrupted, you have to take care of yourself to live.
  • You need to travel to safer areas before the fallout situation comes in. If you did, you should go 100 miles from the source of the explosion.
  • If you choose to stay in the shelter, it may be safe to go out in two weeks but you only have 1 minute and 20 seconds for the next week. Make good use of these times and use it to find food and drink in the bunker. Do not touch any food that has been exposed to external influences.
  • You chose to take the fallout event in the bunker, and at the end of this time you have to go outside, your life has changed from top to bottom, the world you know is left yesterday. Radiation is now tolerable.
  • If your neighbors didn’t take precautions like you and gave you a lot of deficits, they’re close to death right now, try to stay away from them.
  • If you do not have a place to go too far from the shelter Do not stay outside for more than 3 hours, there is still radioactive dust in the air and it continues to poison you as if not the first time.
  • Use subways and sewers to travel from place to place, the less you contact the weather, the better. If they do not, do not walk through the soil on the way to the destination, there will be more radiative fallout. Take your children on arms or shoulders, they are less resistant to radiation.
  • It is very important that you wear when you go out, wrap all kinds of bags, tape, or thick fabrics on you, like a coverall.
  • You may be opposed to individual armament, but you need a weapon now, because people may be hungry and thirsty on the street, which can be a danger to your life because people can become looters at these moments. Civilization is suspended.
  • As life continues, worse is on the way, the phenomenon of “nuclear winter” comes, dust, smoke, and particles will block the sun’s rays, and the weather will cool from day to day.
  • If you think you’re affected by radiation, despite this preponderance, you should find potassium iodide, used in radiation poisoning.
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