Hong Kong People’s Resistance

Hong Kong People's Resistance

A People Since Freedom

Everything flared up by the “Return Law”, which began to be discussed in April., which began to be discussed in April, and this law, which facilitated the extradition of criminals to the People’s Republic of China, deeply shaken the autonomous Hong Kong people, because the people of Hong Kong felt that the judicial system of the People’s Republic of China was not arbitrary and fair. The violent opposition to the law led to the start of large protests.

You shouldn’t have angered these people !!!

While the protests turned into violent demonstrations due to the harsh attitude of the police, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong administrative wrap, announced that the law was suspended, but did not end the protests. The G20 summit held on June 28-29 failed to be on the agenda of the protesters failed, July 4 on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s participation in the People’s Republic of China raided the assembly of protesters. On July 20, protesters demanded that the law be annulled, not suspended, and announced that they would take action until the request was made.


Police Are Very Cruel

During the protests, 1,800 people were detained, rumors spread that the police used bullets from time to time, and the police reportedly blinded many demonstrators with plastic bullets, the police have beaten too much, and countless human rights violations.

People Stable

The vote of such a law by the Assembly deeply shook the people, although it is announced that the law will be withdrawn. We will wait and see where this will end. Hong Kong, which has been affiliated with the People’s Republic of China for 22 years, has caused great crises to its people in the political sense. The last example of this was the return of extradition law… It has been announced that 2 million people have participated in the protests so far, 2 million people cannot be mistaken.

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