Global Warming


Climate change

It is impossible to forget what you have seen if you have experienced an excellent nature event. The Earth’s climate is constantly changing. You cannot directly observe this change. Because the climate consists of a combination of many meteorological phenomena and these occur throughout the world. In fact, the Earth’s climate changes constantly, but it does not happen in hours or months, it occurs over centuries or even longer. Our world has experienced Ice Age many times and then periods of warming have been seen. Today, the Earth’s climate is warming up, but this time it is almost certain that the biggest cause of warming is human. Even though the warming of the climate sounds like good news, it is actually the worst catastrophe humanity has ever faced.

Global warming

GLOBAL WARMING is a topic that is discussed in many respects. Some people don’t even believe it exists, others claim it’s not because of what people do. But almost all scientists around the world acknowledge the existence of global warming and think that it is human. Worse, scientists say that global warming can cause lasting damage to the environment and wipe out all living things from the world. Using fossil fuels, we changed the atmosphere and caused a greenhouse effect. In order to slow down global warming, we will have to make major changes in our lifestyles.


The coal-fired power stations in Arizona are one of tens of thousands of stations worldwide. The Earth has enormous reserves of coal, and half of the electricity we use is produced using them. Unfortunately, the smoke generated by the combustion of coal makes global warming much worse.


If you’ve heard about global warming, you’ve probably heard about the greenhouse effect. Are they the same thing? The answer is no. The greenhouse effect is a natural feature of the atmosphere and is caused by gases called greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). Greenhouse gases keep some of the heat carried by the sun’s rays in the atmosphere so that the Earth stays at the appropriate temperature. But coal. When we burn oil and natural gas, we increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This enhances the greenhouse effect. After all, the Earth is hotter than it should be.


Today, more than 600 million cars are used in the world, ie one in ten people on the planet has cars. All of these cars work with oil, and all trucks, ships, and planes on earthwork with oil. Every drop of oil used makes global warming worse, because when the oil burns, it produces carbon dioxide. In order to reduce global warming, we need to find alternative fuels and do this very quickly.

Past mistakes and Damaged Reputation

Nuclear energy can be beneficial in our fight against global warming because it can generate electricity without releasing carbon dioxide. But some people think that nuclear energy is very dangerous. Because some accidents in the past have had bad consequences. In 1986, at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, nuclear energy created a terrible image.


With its propellers rotating even in a gentle wind, a dozen wind turbines can produce enough electricity for a small town. This kind of energy is renewable, which means that the energy resources that are consumed as they are used are never exhausted, unlike coal and oil. Renewable energy can be obtained from many sources: sunlight, water, waves, and tides. Renewable energy is clean and safe. Moreover, since it does not contain burning fuels, it does not have an effect of increasing global warming.

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