TEMPERATURE AND DROUGHT creates a suitable environment for FOREST fires. In dry areas of the world, fire is a normal part of nature, and forests are likely to grow again. However, fires can sometimes be deliberately initiated, by inconsiderate people or by farmers trying to open fields.

Today, large forest fires are seen in tropical regions. Huge sections of the world’s lungs of rainforests are being burned by people who want to open land.

Getting Rid of Flames

If you encounter a FIRE in wild nature, the first thing to do is to get as far away from the flames as possible and to reach a safe place. Unfortunately, trees and other plants cannot pick up their roots and escape the fire. Instead, some plants have developed special skills and may germinate again immediately after the fire has passed. Animals often escape by flying or running from a fire. Some animals prefer being close to a fire because they can easily eat thanks to the fire.

Flavored Food

Storks wander near bushfires on the African plains. In this way, they can hunt locusts, lizards and other small animals that try to escape from the fire. Storks can fly very high and see fumes from far away.


Firing a fire to extinguish a fire sounds strange, but one of the best ways to extinguish a forest fire is to create a small fire in the opposite direction. These controlled flames destroy the bushes on the path of the fire. So there is no fuel left to advance the fire.


Australian plants are experts in survival after fires. After the parts of these bushes are completely burned, new branches and leaves emerge from the roots. The charred trees in the back are still alive, but it will take some time to bloom again.


After a forest fire is over, some insects fly to place their eggs in charred trees. Most of them use chemicals in smoke to find their way. Yellow and black wasps are some of these insects. This bumblebee pierces the charred tree with a long egg tube. Eggs will crack in the tree and maggots will feed on the tree.

Fire Protection

Campfires can easily get out of hand. Therefore, never allow a fire to be made near trees, shrubs or dry leaves. If the adults are burning fire, check them carefully. Surround the area where they plan to light a fire with stones and make sure that the wood and sparks will not be dispersed by the wind. Don’t leave the fire and leave the area. Extinguish the fire by pouring water on it or covering it with earth and do not leave the area unless it is completely extinguished and the smoke is exhausted.

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