Effects of Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian

Having been relaxed with Hurricane Dorian for 9 years, the United States has survived a great danger again. Hurricane Dorian, the biggest natural disaster that Hurricane has experienced since Hurricane Katrina, has been decided to evacuate trees, hundreds of thousands of electricity-free houses, floods, and evacuate their homes for 1.5 million people.

The Bahamas shot hard

Hurricane Dorian in the 5th category was expressed as “the greatest disaster in the history of the country” by the Prime Minister of Bahamas Hubert Minnis.

Why hurricanes are getting worse in recent years

Rita, Katrina, and Dorian, since 1979, male-female hurricanes, respectively, have been seen to be much more severe than women’s names in recent years, but this is a coincidence, of course, the main reason is global warming, hurricanes, energy from hot ocean waters, oceans, coal, oil and natural gas consumption due to the gases emitted into the atmosphere due to the temperature increases. Therefore, we have not experienced the most severe hurricanes. We can say that global warming, which will increase the severity of not only hurricanes but also all weather events, will cause great destruction for humanity.

We have a few suggestions for protection from hurricanes, and we recommend you to read them, click here to access the article.

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Many people like the excitement of fear. That's why Natural disaster movies are so popular. But in real life, Natural disasters are very different from those in movies. and it is unlikely that heroes will be boldly celebrated in the most difficult situations. Even with today's advanced technologies, it is not easy to predict disasters. Therefore, natural disasters often cause loss of life and the effects of destruction last for years.

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