Damages of Volcanic Eruptions


When the volcanoes explode, many dangers are experienced at the same time. The lava rivers burn forests and buildings along the roads. Worse, extreme hot gas and rock clouds can flow through the mountain slopes. It is impossible to escape from these clouds that cover everything with smoke. While these occur, volcanic dust and ash reach very high levels of the atmosphere and spread over large areas with winds. This occasion makes Volcanic eruption the most dangerous Natural Disaster.


This lava flow from Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii ignited a group of trees. The temperature of this type of lava can rise to I .000 degrees Celsius. This warmth is enough to ignite trees and buildings at the same time. The lava of Kilauea usually flows all the way to the sea and extinguishes there, creating an enormous crest of steam.


During the big bang, the ash can cover roads and roofs like a thick layer of snow. However, ash is heavier than snow, and when it rains it gets wet and heavier. This will cause the roofs to collapse and damage the people inside. This house was destroyed by ashes that fell during the 2006 Tungurahua explosion in South America.


After the Natural Disaster (Volcanic Eruption) ends, a difficult cleaning process begins. People sweep dust which Natural Disaster’s caused. This dust was caused by an eruption of a volcano 90 km away. Volcanic ash is very hard and coarse-grained and can clog car engines. The good thing about this ash is that it is full of minerals and enriches the soil like fertilizer.


Ordinary dust coughs you, but volcanic ash can lead to bronchitis or other diseases. This is because the volcanic ash is composed of hard-edged dust particles and natural gas. This is bad for healthy people, but much worse for those with respiratory and heart diseases. People live on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Indonesia’s most active volcano. They are protected from ashes in the air using a mask.

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Many people like the excitement of fear. That's why Natural disaster movies are so popular. But in real life, Natural disasters are very different from those in movies. and it is unlikely that heroes will be boldly celebrated in the most difficult situations. Even with today's advanced technologies, it is not easy to predict disasters. Therefore, natural disasters often cause loss of life and the effects of destruction last for years.

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