Climate Change Protests Continue


Protests against climate change from all over the world continue to increase and it is estimated that 7 million people react to climate change.

Early numbers confirm at least 7 million people joined the #weekforfuture climate strikes! Thank you everyone, especially the local organisers! The #weekforfuture is one of the biggest global demonstrations in history. This is just the beginning! #climatestrike#fridaysforfuture

I love it, I see that this event is starting to take over and I find this awesome @Fridays4future@GretaThunberg@saoi4climate#FridaysForFuture#ClimateStrike

#climatestrikemontreal#ClimateCrisis#FridaysForFuture One world One love

Final reports say 200K in Rome, 150K in Milan, 100K in Naples, 50K in Turin and many more in the whole country. That’s insane! Good job @GretaThunberg! #ClimateStrike

Yesterday more than 1m people were on strike in more than 160 towns and cities in Italy

A view from my office of the massive crowd gathered on Parliament Hill for #ClimateStrikeCanada. This is one of the largest protests I have ever seen in #Ottawa. #ClimateStrikeOttawa#GlobalClimateStrike#ClimateChange#FridaysForFuture#WeekForFuture#cdnpoli#SenCA

Doug Ford was a no-show at yesterday’s #climatestrike. His Environment Minister @JeffYurekMPP released a nonsense statement instead: “Ontario is leading the way when it comes to fighting climate change in Canada.” Do they ever get tired of lying? #ONPoli

A lot of people out for #ClimateStrike in Malmö today! #WeekForFuture@GretaThunberg

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