Artificial Meat Coming Soon


Meat production, which is one of the biggest factors of global warming, is thought to be a milestone discovery due to the fact that Russian scientists are now able to produce meat in the laboratory.

‘Ockaovskaya ’, Russia’s largest producer of meat products, produced meat that could be called 100 percent meat in laboratories, 40 grams of meat cost 900 thousand rubles, and it is said to be reduced to 800 rubles. The meat, which is expected to be launched in 2023, is definitely a turning point for our planet.

Meanwhile, Dmitri Yedelev, a professor at Moscow State University, said that the meat made in the laboratory was healthier than normal meat and that antibiotics were not used, so people did not suffer from antibiotic resistance.

The goal of scientists is to reduce it to $ 5 per kilogram.

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