Amazon Forest Fire 2019


Earth’s Lungs

The Amazon Forests cover an area of ​​five and a half million square kilometers in the north of South America.
Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, including many countries within the borders of the world’s largest forest.
The forest, which is home to thousands of species of trees and animals, provides 20 percent of the world’s oxygen needs.


In an area of ​​5,500,000 square meters, it is known that there are untouched areas of modern man and many tribes that have never met modern people before.

Endless Fires

The cause and source of unresolved fires are tremendous blows to the Amazon Forests. Deforestation in the region, especially for cattle raising in order to meet the need for meat consumption of the increasing population, is a situation for big meat producers. As forests are depleted, climate change is accelerating and the Earth is accelerating to become uninhabitable.

Fire Response

In 2019 alone, nearly one million fire alarms were issued, the highest level of the last decade, as if the fire will not extinguish in the last two weeks.
Is humanity completely silent?

While the world media favored not to do much about these fires, Leonardo Dicaprio did not remain silent on these fires, the artist announced that he had donated 5 million dollars through a fund to bring the Amazon Forests back to life.

For the World …

Amazon forests are a vigorous organism with every square meter, so that even by balancing the climate of our world, human beings do a great favor, these fires should not go out in a short time and should not be burned again and why these forests should be kept on the agenda should always be kept on the agenda.

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