99942 Apophis
19 JUNE This asteroid, discovered by Roy A. Tucker, D. J. Tholen and F. Bernardi in 2004, has determined by Nasa that in 2029 it will be tangent to a very close orbit to our earth. At a speed of 30,000 km / h.
Named after an Egyptian mythological being, Apophis is also a mythological god who wants to do evil to our world in the television series Stargate Sg1. The discovery of the series Stargate Sg1 said that they love the asteroid, where the name comes from the asteroid.
What happens if it hits?
This asteroid, thought to destroy the world’s living life to a great extent, was about 10km in diameter, bringing chicxulub to the end of the dinosaurs. Although not as big as that, the 32042-diameter 99942 Aphosis will cause a great loss of life and an uncertain future if it hits the world.
Are there any issues?
This asteroid, thought to be hit by a nuclear missile under the Spece Guard program, is said to cause much greater damage if broken into pieces. Due to the high probability of impact, it is included in the first-degree dangerous space objects group. The asteroid, which is expected to pass 30,000 kilometers close to the world in 2029, is the real danger that the sun revolves around and changes its trajectory and carries a threat to the world again in 2036.

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